Revive the blog—Project 52

I know, I know… long time, no blog. Since last article, I was busy graduating my MSc, setting up a freelance programming business, moving, and so on. Busy time. But since some time, I have no such excuse—quite the contrary, blogging should serve my freelancing by making me more googlable. And during this time I gathered a LOT of experience, and quite a lot of things that I can blog about. Mostly non-Lisp, as I turned out to be concentrating on Python/Django programming and infrastructure/deployment work, but I do some Lispy stuff on the side to keep sane. And, of course, to finish the templating article, about which I’ve been already nagged—sorry, everyone, for keeping you waiting!

Anyway, I am not a big fan of new year resolutions—but this time, resolutions of other people turned out to be useful. I stumbled upon Project 52 [link removed – abandoned page turned into a link farm], and it seems to be a nice version of the 30-day trial (which, by the way, are *very* effective way to pick up or change a daily habit) for habits that doesn’t make sense as daily ones. Why not?

And I promise—this is the last meta-post on this topic. I hate meta-blogging, but this time I allowed myself to do so to commit in public, and to get excuses for lack of posts during last… oh, man, it was almost a year… to get those excuses out of the way. Stay tuned for real posts!

Hello, World!

As this site is finally up, it’s time to introduce myself.  My name is Maciej, and I am a Common Lisp & Python Web/Middleware programmer.  This page is an umbrella for bunch of my Web-related projects, and hopefully will end up as a self-sustaining Web enterprise.  At the moment, my main focus is on infrastructure and gathering the team, but some end projects are also well underway.  I will write here about Common Lisp, Web, projects gathered under Three of Coins umbrella, and probably from time to time about some unrelated things.