A wall mount for Apple’s AirPort Extreme


Apple’s Airport Extreme Base Station, unlike most home network hardware, doesn’t come with any mounting holes to hang it on a wall, and I like my desk tidy and empty. There are some wall mounts available to buy, at price tag approaching €50 for a small piece of plastic, which seems a bit much to me; there are also some instructions online on self-made mounts, but I wasn’t able to find one that would look reasonably nice and not require disassembling the AEBS. So, here’s instruction for a mount that costs below €10, doesn’t need disassembly, and looks like the picture to the right.

Side section

Instead of mounting holes, AEBS has a groove around its sides to slide it into a separate mount attached to the wall. The base station itself measures 165×165×34 millimeters, and intersection of the groove is on the diagram to the left (all dimensions in millimeters). This leaves us with a shopping list:

  • 2.5mm diameter threaded rod
  • a bunch of 2.5mm nuts and proper washers
  • Two angle supports, with proper dimensions
  • Four screws with wall plugs to fasten supports to the wall
  • Cable duct to hide all the cables going to the AEBS

“Proper dimensions” for the supports means that the hole on one arm is small enough to hold the threaded rod, far enough from the wall to give mounted AEBS a bit of distance, but not too far; second arm should have large enough holes to have it mounted on the wall. If it seems a bit fuzzy, here are some pictures:




I have punched two holes in a piece of cardboard to have exact measure when drilling holes in the wall. The holes need to be really precise. The first project included two additional small angle supports, but in the end I decided not to use them – the big supports and the rod are enough to hold the AEBS.

After drilling the wall and fastening the supports, I double-checked that the wall mount holds the AEBS correctly, and then installed the cable duct to cover all the wires:



Wall mount - the final look

So far, I’m happy with the result. I hope it’s helpful for anyone trying to find some solution to the same problem! This should work fine also for other Apple products in similar cases, such as the Time Capsule

2 thoughts on “A wall mount for Apple’s AirPort Extreme

  1. Hello dear sir,

    just some grateful thoughts from France, where we used your solution to create an Apple airport extreme wall mount that would be cost effective.

    We added an horizontal blocking bar on top of it, with two additional bolts in order to secure it from being removed easily. We also had to rotate the access point 90° for the cable slots to be accessible.

    Finally, we decided to rotate the main angle supports for it to be invisible (so it’s behind the airport extreme)

    We had an idea to add a second pair of angle supports to secure it on the wall, but you then need to fix the second threaded shaft after screwing the supports to the wall.

    Thanks again !

    • Thank you for the feedback! I’m glad to see my writeup was useful. A horizontal blocking bar and rotating the angle supports seem to be good ideas – my airport is at home, so I don’t need to worry about it being removed. The vertical threaded rod is not super stable, though, and an additional bar could be helpful. I was thinking about bending a thick wire to fit inside the groove on airport’s upper side and avoid rotating the access point, but didn’t get to it yet.

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